IITA and other tour and motorcoach association representatives met with the National Park Service Commercial Services team, who oversees the CUA program for commercial tour operators, this week to hear an update on the program progress.

CUA Program Manager Samantha Towery reported that the online application platform is in development and anticipated to be completed in the coming weeks, at which time, they would work with a group of tour and motorcoach operators coordinated by the association coalition to test the system before it is launched January 1.

While they continue to target the first of the year for the application system to be available, there is no clear date as to when CUAs will be required. They suggested it would be several months before CUAs would be required in all parks, but no date has been determined.

In the meantime, tour and motorcoach operators should continue working in and with the national parks under the current requirements, that is, securing CUAs for those parks that require it now, using current methods working directly with the individual parks. Entrance fees, where required, will continue to be based on vehicles and not the per person fee as proposed in the new program.

IITA will continue to inform members as more information is share by the National Park Service.

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