Venture beyond the theme parks to experience central Florida’s natural habitats

Central Florida has been most-widely known for its theme parks and resorts yet some of the most exciting locations to visit lie within the more natural wonders surrounding them.

Airboat tours are one of the best modes of exploring such areas. Captain Fred’s Airboat Nature Tours in Lake Hamilton, Spirit of the Swamp Airboat Rides in Kissimmee and Alligator Cove in Lake Wells are just a few of the airboat tours that offer exciting and entertaining explorations through Central Florida’s swamp lands for the chance to see the diverse wildlife.

Living Water Boat Cruises in Winter Haven offers a wide variety of boat tours through the Chain of Lakes with differing departure times, dining additions and sightseeing opportunities.

A must-see choice is their “Two Hour Boat Tour.” This particular tour will help guests travel through up to nine lakes to view the vast expanse of wildlife while learning about the history of the area and some of its surrounding destinations. Another remarkable location within this city is Paddleboard Winter Haven. “The Nature Tour” takes guests through Lake Eloise and Lake LuLu to allow visitors to paddle through nature and view its inhabitants.

Paddleboard Winter Haven

Paddleboard Winter Haven

Wild Florida in Kanesville offers many different experiences and adventure combinations for all guests during their visit to their location. Guests can embark on a sightseeing adventure through the “Drive-Thru Safari”, interact and learn about one of the animals available in the “Animal Encounters” program in Alligator Park.

The iconic Gatorland in Orlando is home to many reptilians, birds and Neiko and Lucy (two panthers). Gatorland features exciting experiences and activities throughout its park including “Screamin’ Gator Zip Line,” which takes guests on a zip lining adventure over some of the alligator and crocodile enclosures with many inhabitants waiting below.

Travel through Lakeland to embark on a safari via kayak, ATV or multi-person vehicle during a day trip to Safari Wilderness, or register for a sunset safari experience. Safari Wilderness promises to offer exciting opportunities to view all of the incredible species that find home within their walls.

For a relaxing, slow-paced trip in Central Florida, there are many locations that offer incredible experiences with lodging and overnight packages available for groups. For tour groups looking to get in touch with one of Florida’s native species, the manatee, Crystal River Watersports offers scuba diving opportunities and packages geared towards beginners. One of their options, the “Explore Crystal River” package, is a three-day and four-night visit packed with supervised scuba dives, manatee and river tours and lodging. For visitors looking to stay on land, the Westgate River Ranch Resort and Rodeo is home to several lodging or camping options, horse-back riding and its “Saturday Night Rodeo” shows for evening entertainment.