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What IITA Members are Saying…..

March 2020 Member Survey re Coronavirus Crisis

  • 100% of all members said the coronavirus has impacted their business.
  • 98% of all members have had groups and/or FITs canceled, and 71% have had to issue refunds of some fees/deposits.
  • 59% have rebooked business later in 2020 and 39% are rebooking into 2021.
  • 57% have experienced layoffs in their organizations.
  • 76% have employees working remotely.
  • 28% of respondents’ organizations have temporarily closed.
  • Nearly 70% of business affected has been from Europe, surpassing China/Asia noted in the first survey in February.
  • The UK, Spain, Germany and Italy were the most frequently mentioned countries from which members’ businesses had been affected.
  • 100% of inbound operators said that the coronavirus has resulted in financial loss to their organization compared to 76% reported in February; 95% overall of all members have experienced financial loss compared to 65% in February.
  • 52% of respondents estimated financial losses would be under $500k, while 26% reported losses over $1 million.
  • Most critical needs were reported as:
    • Financial assistance by Inbound Operators – 81%; by all members 65%
    • Low or no-interest loans – 77% by Inbound Operators; 50% by all members
    • Tax relief/postponement – 68% by Inbound Operators; 43% by all members
    • 59% of Inbound Operators rated Supplier Flexibility as a critical need
    • Marketing to drive demand for recovery – 50% by Inbound Operators; 69% by all members

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