IITA boasts vast resources for global visitors

Lisa Simon

Lisa Simon

Every year, IITA members help facilitate 76 million inbound visitors traveling to the U.S., generating nearly $250 billion in annual revenue. The significance of critical partnerships between inbound operators and the international travel trade cannot be overstated. That’s why, as the International Inbound Travel Association, we embrace all of the players involved in bringing international visitors to experience our great country.

Our mission is to grow inbound travel to the U.S. by providing the best and widest range of product, services and information to the international travel trade. But mission statements aren’t worth the time they take to create if they do nothing but sit on the shelf gathering dust. That’s why IITA’s leadership continues to put its mission into action.
In an industry that continues to evolve at a rapid pace, IITA’s ability to stay true to its mission ensures that our members continue to be a trusted, reliable source of inbound operator partners for international tour operators, agents and other buyers.

Through IITA, the international travel trade can access the most knowledgeable, professional and innovative inbound operators, travel suppliers and destination marketers here in the U.S. IITA members have the deepest expertise and in-depth local knowledge of the real, authentic American travel experience, geared for the international traveler, including first-tier gateways as well as the vast and varied destinations stretching the breadth of the country. That’s why they’re known as Inbound Insiders.
By establishing policy and best practices, the IITA board sets the standard for IITA members. IITA members have access to seminars, webinars and educational conferences that expose them to cutting-edge ideas and concepts in travel and tourism.

The culmination of the many educational opportunities available to IITA members is a better-prepared and -connected partner for international operators when it comes to the U.S. market. For example, our Inbound Insider Steps to Success education and training program is specifically geared to professionals on the travel industry’s supply side as a means of readying them to work more effectively with inbound operators and to be prepared to greet and care for international visitors.

IITA members are also active in developing and communicating their positions to policy makers on Capitol Hill as it impacts inbound travel to the U.S. By making their voices heard, IITA members are seeking to exert a measure of control over the future of the international inbound travel industry, rather than simply react to it.

Our members realize the benefits of building strong relationships with policy makers, and IITA serves a valuable role as liaison between key decision makers and inbound operators. Toward that end, IITA has established working partnerships with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Travel and Tourism Office and Commercial Service, the National Park Service, Brand USA, U.S. Travel Association and others.

IITA members stand ready to provide the best and broadest range of products and services, and the IITA brand offers international operators a stamp of reassurance as they seek out experiences for their clients traveling to the U.S.
Inside, you’ll find a directory of our members and specific profiles of IITA inbound operators to help you choose the best partners for your U.S.-bound customers.

All the best,
Lisa Simon
Executive Director
International Inbound Travel Association