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International FIT Work Retreat for Lodging, Attractions and Other Travel Suppliers

Steps 2 and 3 combined into a half-day, in-person retreat workshop in 2 locations.

Registration: $25 (includes lunch and local tour)

Register by March 8, 2024 using the links below

Providence, Rhode Island

Tuesday, March 12, 2024 from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Courtyard Providence Downtown
Memorial Blvd, Providence, Rhode Island

Room block rate of $125+ for night of March 11

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Following this dynamic workshop and lunch, participants will be treated to a coach tour of Providence.

Learn more about the city's rich history as seasoned guides unravel the captivating narrative of Providence, spotlighting the lives of its most illustrious residents. From the exploits of America's first hero to the intriguing tales of the mafia and the dynamic mayoral legacy, this city is a tapestry of fascinating stories waiting to be unveiled.

 The scenic route meanders through the most vibrant neighborhoods from the prestigious College Hill to the cultural enclave of Federal Hill. En route, participants will be treated to panoramic views encompassing Brown University and the iconic State House, showcasing the loveliest settings in Rhode Island's capital city.

Our host, Go Providence, invites you to discover hidden gems and future adventures from historic landmarks to charming corners. Every stop promises opportunities to capture picturesque moments and witness the city's pulse up close.

Hanover, New Hampshire

Wednesday, March 13, 2024 from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Six South St Hotel (downtown)
6 South Street, Hanover, NH

Room block rate of $199+ for night of March 12.

Reserve by calling 603-643-0600
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After the completion of the workshop, participants are invited to join a tour of Dartmouth College’s Hood Museum and the Orozco Murals hosted by the Upper Valley Business Alliance. The museum's collections encompass a diverse array of artifacts from various cultures and historical periods, including six Assyrian stone reliefs from the palace of Ashurnasirpal II.

 The tour continues with an exploration of "The Epic of American Civilization" by José Clemente Orozco. This mural, painted between 1932 and 1934, consists of 24 panels covering almost 3,200 square feet of wall space. Notably, the mural received the designation of a national historic landmark in 2013. The passage encourages participants to engage in this cultural and historical experience during the walking tour.

Steps to Success Trainer:  
Jennifer Ackerson, President
Alon Tourism Solutions

About IITA's Inbound Insider: Steps to Success™

International tourism is very different than working with domestic markets, and there are specific, proven methods for developing bookable product and growing the region's share of inbound visitors.

The Steps to Success™ program is a series of three education and training sessions that helps destinations and tourism suppliers successfully build international travel business by working with the travel trade. The program is provided by the International Inbound Travel Association (IITA), the leading travel association for inbound operators, DMOs, and suppliers involved in growing international travel to the U.S.

Steps to Success™ provides the knowledge and tools for working with U.S.-based Inbound Operators, who are your gateway to the international markets because they have vast networks of international clients eager to sell the USA. Inbound Operators are B2B businesses selling U.S. travel services and products to international buyers, i.e. tour operators, travel agents and meetings/events buyers.

You'll be able to develop and implement strategies tailored for your business and, ultimately, increase ROI and market share from key international travel trade partners for year over year growth when you need it.

STEP 2: Resource Development 

What You Learn :

How to position your products to fit the needs of the travel trade to form B2B partnerships. Develop an understanding of the pricing and resource conventions required to make your products appear attractive to this market, ensuring you gain immediate traction and equitable partnerships.

      • Dive deeper into the various levels of the travel trade and their unique characteristics to begin to shape your inbound tourism development strategy
      • See how to build a dynamic “business profile” that addresses requirements of a 3rd party seller of travel products and gets traction to sell your business more easily
        • Learn what buzz words and influencing points to include in your key documents that will gain the interest of the travel trade
        • Review samples, tips and tricks and take your next step to create your own necessary & useful resources
      • Develop a competitive pricing structure while maintaining industry rate integrity
        • Understand the importance of maintaining rate integrity to build long lasting relationships
        • Obtain repeat business by following the travel trade model and learn how to incorporate rate systems in your business


STEP 3: Product and Operational Strategy

What You Learn:

How to effectively develop strategies and systems that not only maximize opportunities for your business but allow international travel trade partners to easily access and sell your product. Walk away with a foundation that will help you develop strategies to build future and repeat base business, and fill off-peak need periods, for consistent year-round volume from the international market.

      • Position your products/services to be sold in advance to maximize sales and marketing efforts
      • Develop operational support documents
      • Ensure you have the product, systems, and operational support in place to accommodate travel trade business effortlessly
      • Learn more about working with the travel trade from a product and policies standpoint
      • How to set up specific operational practices, internal policies, and systems per category of supplier

Date: Tuesday, December 5, 2023

STEP 1: Introduction to Inbound Travel Trade

What You Learn:

Build your understanding of the global network of distributors that make up the international travel trade. Learn the who, what, where, why, and how to work effective with the international travel trade, expanding your business’s reach and visibility to new source markets increasing your customer base. Walk away with set guidelines and resources to enhance your ability to work effectively and efficiently with B2B inbound operators such as:

  • Understand the value of working with the international inbound market and how to harness them as a powerful partner to grow your business
  • Learn step-by-step insights on how to prepare for this market including developing sellable products, services and operational resources that follow the protocols of working with the travel trade
  • Gain a strategic understanding of the travel trade distribution channel and how to position it to your benefit
  • Discover fundamental marketing strategies you can use to promote your products and service via the varied distribution channels of the travel trade

Steps to Success  provides a comprehensive review of inbound travel to the US.  If you are considering entering this market or expand your participation, IITA provides a great place to begin.  

Leslie Womack, Director of Sales, Mayflower Park Hotel

IITA provides resources for DMOs and suppliers that are invaluable and are not replicated anywhere else within the industry. The Inbound Insider Steps to Success program ... provided to hotels, attractions and restaurants in my destination has been a game-changer for these establishments, giving them the tools and knowledge to gain market share of inbound international visitors.

Kelly M. Defebo, CMP, Director of Sales, Visit Sarasota County

IITA' Steps to Success program has helped to inform our industry about this complicated and important business, how it works and how they can generate additional international business. 

Dave Lorenz, Vice President, Travel Michigan

What are the Benefits of Working with the Travel Trade?

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