Ana Hernandez
TROTA Tourism
6560 Tumbleweek Ridge Lane
Henderson, NV  89011

B2B Inbound Tour Operator based in the United States with offices in Mexico and Latin-America. We offer the best competitive rates with m ore than 7,000 available products in the U.S. for all agencies affiliated with us. TROTA Tourism has bilingual staff available when needed at the destination, offering assistance and trust to all travel agencies and their clients.

Business classification: 

  • Wholesaler
  • Inbound/Receptive Tour Operator

Type of travelers:

  • Customized
  • Leisure
  • FIT

Percentage of business that is: 

  • 100% B2B – Business-to-Business

Percentage of business that is international inbound to the U.S.: 100%

Estimated number of room nights for 2023:  685

Hotel types utilized by your travelers:

  • Budget/Economy
  • Standard/Moderate
  • First Class/Superior
  • Luxury/Deluxe

Number of years conducting international inbound travel to the U.S.: 2

Types of products purchased: 

  • Accommodations
  • Entrance Tickets
  • One-Day Tours
  • Shopping
  • Transportation

How do you contract with hotels/suppliers:

  • Group Rates
  • Static Rates

Types of packages offered:

  • Custom Tours (Shopping, Sports, Luxury, Culinary)
  • Entertainment/Special Events
  • National Parks
  • Adventure/Outdoor Tours

Languages Offered:

English, Spanish, Portuguese

U.S. destinations served:

  • Entire United States

Top markets served (countries of origination): 

Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay, Argentina

What are you looking for from Suppliers/DMOs in 2024/2025: 

Can have a direct contract for the agencies affiliated with us.