On the Road Again

Covid-19 Safety Measures

With the development of the Omicron variant as well as the ongoing battle with Covid-19, IITA will require proof of vaccination from a CDC-approved COVID-19 Vaccine or proof of negative PCR test results completed within 72-hours of arrival at IITA Registration.

42*Chat HealthShield will handle the collection and verification process. In early January, you will receive information about how to upload a copy of your vaccination certificate or the steps to follow when you’ve been tested.

Please note that we are collecting the cell numbers of our registrants as texting is the easiest and most efficient method to communicate the results. We will be in touch if we do not have your cell number. We will not share this information with anyone other than 42*Chat.

We encourage vaccinations and boosters to be sure you and those around you stay safe throughout the Summit. Our priority is your safety.

Additionally, IITA will be following the state of California mandates.