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Summit Marketplace ‘Power Hour’ Appointments

This year’s appointments will be a hybrid between Speed-networking and traditional pre-scheduled appointments. Appointments will not be pre-scheduled, rather, operators will be seated—one per table—and DMOs/suppliers (sellers) will move from table to table for 5 minute appointments. Each seller will be assigned to 1 of 3 time-slots on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons based on their registration date. During these 1-hour sessions, sellers will be able to meet with more operators than the average number of appointments at prior Summits. The exact number will depend on the number of buyer and seller attendees, but every seller should meet with at least 30 operators.

In addition to increasing the number of appointments, our inbound operator members shared that they prefer these quick introductory appointments to see more potential partners and then schedule follow up for more detailed conversations.

One-Pager Profiles

If you’ve participated in any of IITA’s Steps to Success education programs this year, you’ve heard a lot about “one-pagers” and how to maximize their effectiveness. In order to demonstrate the value of these marketing tools and provide inbound operators with a convenient way to collect them in these new, fast-paced appointments, we are providing every operator with a binder for one-pagers.

Suppliers and DMOs were given the opportunity during registration to “opt in” to include their profiles included in these binders. The guidelines below will provide the requirements and help you prepare an effective one-pager.

Please let us know if you have any questions—we look forward to seeing you in St. Pete!


Your organization’s profile is your primary tool for your marketplace appointments at the IITA Summit. And it is the ONLY marketing tool (in addition to your business card) that you can leave with inbound operators during the IITA Summit Marketplace.

Your “one-pager” profile lets your inbound operator partner know about your organization. Why it’s unique. Why they should want to include your products and services in their portfolio. And how you will work with them. You’ll want to include the following:

  • What are you selling and when/where is it available?
  • What markets and visitor types can you accommodate: Group, FIT, Leisure, MICE?
  • What do you do specifically for these international markets?
  • What else will help the inbound operator work with you to sell your product? Rates, special terms/offers?

IITA will provide all inbound operator attendees (and operator members not attending) with a binder for collecting the profile forms from their partners. If you purchased the option to include your “one-pager” in the 2020 IITA Summit Product Guide, please email your profile form to by January 22 or send 50 three hole-punched copies by January 20 to:

Attention: Sarah Terry
International Inbound Travel Association
2365 Harrodsburg Road, Suite A-325
Lexington, KY  40509

If you did not purchase the option, we recommend you bring 50 copies of your “one-pager” hole-punched profile to the Summit to give to the inbound operators during your Marketplace appointments or you can purchase ($25) the opportunity to have yours placed in the tour operator binder by contacting

IITA will be printing your “one-pager” on 8 1/2 x 11,100 lb., matte paper.

We recommend making your left-hand margin 0.75″

  • Maximum one page, front and back
  • Size: 8.5 x 11
  • Three-hole punched
  • Include your organization name, contact name, address, phone, email and website

IITA has issued the Safe Travels Stamp to the following Members