Jessica Ledbetter
Arkansas Tourism
1 Capitol Mall, 4A-900
Little Rock, AR 72

Officially known as The Natural State, Arkansas is a natural playground for outdoor activities. For the adventurous, we have hiking, cycling, fishing, kayaking and golfing. You can also enjoy the scenic beauty of Arkansas at a slower pace by exploring caverns, hot springs, waterfalls and botanical gardens. Natural beauty is the heart of our state, but don’t forget our bustling urban centers. Fort Smith is the real “Wild West,” once the first stop for pioneers settling uncharted country. Bentonville is a mecca for mountain biking, art and cuisine with museums featuring world-class art, or the history of Walmart. Our state capital of Little Rock is home to The William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Central High School National Historic Site, one of the most significant stops on the Civil Rights Trail. In Hot Springs National Park, you can enjoy a soothing soak in thermal water or find out why baseball greats and notorious gangsters alike frequented this historic city.

What markets/visitor types can you accommodate:

  • Group
  • FIT
  • Leisure
  • MICE

Services offered:

  • Destination Management

Marketing aids offered: 

  • Advertising Aids
  • Reference Manuals
  • Familiarization Trips
  • Special Trade Materials
  • Visual Aids – Video/Slides/Photos

How do you contract with Inbound Operators:

  • We do not directly contract

Destinations in which services are offered:

  • Arkansas