Jessica Nardulli
OnStage Academy
7150 Wooded Village Lane
Orlando, FL 32835

OnStage by Aloha of America is a destination management company based in Orlando, Florida, focused on providing solutions that help people and businesses perform better. We specialize in creating unique experiences for groups interested in professional development programs, youth educational programs, sporting programs, incentive travel or branding experiences in destinations around the United States. We were born as a fusion of an event management company, Aloha of America, and a new destination management concept, OnStage. After 14 years of offering successful events, Aloha of America began receiving requests from satisfied customers for us to do MORE. At that time, we did what we always do: WE LISTENED and merged with OnStage to create what is now known as OnStage by Aloha of America

Business classification: 

  • DMC

Type of travelers:

  • Group (average size: 50)
  • Customized
  • Leisure
  • Corporate
  • MICE
  • Students

Percentage of business that is: 

  • 90% B2B – Business-to-Business
  • 10% B2C – Business-to-Consumer

Percentage of business that is international inbound to the U.S.: 99%

Estimated number of room nights for 2022: 2500

Percentage of tour/hotel types utilized by your travelers:

  • Standard/Moderate
  • First Class/Superior
  • Luxury/Deluxe

Number of years conducting international inbound travel to the U.S.: 3

Percentage of travelers during: 

  • Winter: 16%
  • Spring: 28%
  • Summer: 28%
  • Fall: 28%

Product and package overview: types of products purchased: 

  • Accommodations
  • Dining
  • Entrance Tickets
  • One-Day Tours
  • Shopping
  • Transportation
  • Meeting & Events

How do you contact with hotels/suppliers:

  • Group Rates

Types of packages offered:

  • Cultural/Historical Tours
  • Custom Tours (Shopping, Sports, Luxury, Culinary)
  • Entertainment/Special Events
  • Medical/Wellness Travel
  • Religious Travel
  • Student/Language Immersion Tours
  • Adventure/Outdoor Tours

U.S. destinations served:

  • Entire United States

Top markets service (countries of origination): 

Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay

What are you looking for from Suppliers/DMOs in 2023: 

Hotels, attractions, leisure tours, business tours, unique experiences, meeting space, event venues, transportation companies, catering companies.