Jason Murray
Southwest Adventure Tours
382 E 650 S Circle
Cedar City, UT 84720

As a Destination Management Company and Tour Operator, we provide tours for individuals and groups through the Great American Southwest. We focus on conducting sightseeing, photography, and adventure tours. Our specialty is small group experiences – usually between 14 and 25 passengers. We offer a wide range of multi-day tours and day tours from Las Vegas, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and other local areas adjacent to the National Parks. From lodge & hotel based tours to camping & backpacking, we can provide you with unique itineraries and opportunities.

Business classification: 

  • Inbound/Receptive Tour Operator

Type of travelers:

  • Leisure
  • FIT
  • Scheduled

Percentage of business that is: 

  • 30% B2B – Business-to-Business
  • 70% B2C – Business-to-Consumer

Percentage of business that is international inbound to the U.S.: 10%

Estimated number of room nights for 2022: 2000

Percentage of tour/hotel types utilized by your travelers:

  • Standard/Moderate
  • First Class/Superior
  • Luxury/Deluxe

Number of years conducting international inbound travel to the U.S.: 8

Percentage of travelers during: 

  • Winter: 10%
  • Spring: 30%
  • Summer: 30%
  • Fall: 30%

Product and package overview: types of products purchased: 

  • Accommodations
  • Airfare
  • Dining
  • One-Day Tours
  • Transportation

How do you contact with hotels/suppliers:

  • Group Rates
  • Static Rates

Types of packages offered:

  • Cultural/Historical Tours
  • Custom Tours (Shopping, Sports, Luxury, Culinary)
  • National Parks
  • Adventure/Outdoor Tours

U.S. destinations served:

  • PACIFIC (Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington)
  • WEST (Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming)
  • SOUTHWEST (Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas)

Top markets service (countries of origination): 

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Japan

What are you looking for from Suppliers/DMOs in 2023:

More services to offer.