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TravelAdvocates is a global hotel site selection company focused on getting the lowest hotel room rates for groups. Its customers are tour operators and meeting planners from the U.S., Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. TravelAdvocates researches hotels and meeting venues worldwide for meetings, conferences, tour groups and sports teams. Their clientele ranges from tour series business to pre-formed groups, with an average size of 10-42 guest rooms per night, generally staying 2-3 nights. They also do “buy-outs” of hotels for corporate meetings. There is no cost for this service.

Business classification: 

  • Inbound/Receptive Tour Operator

Type of travelers:

  • Group (average size: 50)
  • Leisure
  • Corporate
  • Scheduled
  • MICE
  • Students

Percentage of business that is: 

  • 100% B2B – Business-to-Business

Percentage of business that is international inbound to the U.S.: 50%

Estimated number of room nights for 2022: 111,000

Percentage of tour/hotel types utilized by your travelers:

  • Budget/Economy
  • Standard/Moderate
  • First Class/Superior
  • Luxury/Deluxe

Number of years conducting international inbound travel to the U.S.: 17

Percentage of travelers during: 

  • Winter: 5%
  • Spring: 35%
  • Summer: 25%
  • Fall: 35%

Product and package overview: types of products purchased: 

  • Accommodations
  • Transportation

How do you contact with hotels/suppliers:

  • Group Rates
  • Static Rates

U.S. destinations served:

  • Entire United States

Top markets service (countries of origination): 


What are you looking for from Suppliers/DMOs in 2023: 

Updated sales contacts for the hotels in your area since there has been so much turnover since pandemic.