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How to Earn the Safe Travels Stamp

Thursday, October 29, 2020

3 p.m. ET

Hear how one inbound tour operator  implemented WTTC’s health & hygiene protocols to demonstrate its commitment to traveler safety. 
 IITA Member Kaleidoscope Adventures revamped its entire protocol – internally and with its supplier partners – to be 100% compliant with the World Travel & Tourism Council’s global safe travels protocols for the new normal. 

Seaira Jeannin holds a master’s degree in nonprofit management, a bachelor’s in event management, and the Convention and Industry Council’s Certified Meeting Planner distinction. She got started in the tourism industry in 2008 working for Holland America and Princess Cruise lines as a Tour Director in Alaska. Shortly after, she started working the Fall and Spring seasons in Florida as a Tour Director for Kaleidoscope Adventures. She now is on their full-time team as the Operations Manager.


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WTTC: Uniting the Global Travel Industry and Rebuilding Traveler Confidence 

The travel industry must adopt standard protocols and practices for safe traveling across the world to rebuild consumer confidence. The World Travel and Tourism Council, in conjunction with governments and health experts, has developed global protocols for a coordinated and consistent experience for the traveler. Adolfo Reyes presented WTTC ‘s vision and global activities to ensure future travel is safe, secure, and seamless for the traveler.

Connectivity – Benefits and Challenges for the Tour Operator Markets

Connectivity has been driving change in the travel distribution system in recent years, forcing inbound operators and travel suppliers to adapt their business models to stay competitive. With the number of connectivity solutions available for both buyers and sellers based on business type, size, products and a variety of other factors, it can be confusing at best. Join our panel of inbound operators to hear about the benefits and challenges they’ve experienced and how the travel trade can help shape technology distribution standards in the post-Covid business environment.

Moderator: Peter van Berkel, Travalco USA Panelists: Oswaldo Freitas, Easy Time Travel Nick Hentschel, AmericanTours International Lena Ross, America 4 You Faisal Sublaban, Bonotel Exclusive Travel

IO Connectivity Panel

National Parks – It’s Good News for a Change!

Positive news around national parks of late provides a glimmer of hope for the rebound of inbound travel. The National Park Service’s delay of its systemwide tour operator CUA program and the hopeful prospect of much improved park infrastructure due to the passing of the Great American Outdoors Act should give tour operators a positive outlook for the post-pandemic future. Join this session to hear how tour operators and our DMO and Supplier partners can work with the parks through smart programming and best practices to fuel the recovery of the nation’s economy following this health crisis.

Presented by Lisa Simon, Executive Director, IITA; Peter van Berkel, President, Travalco; Gary Schluter, Founder, Rocky Mountain Holiday Tours.

Direct Connectivity – The Wave of the Future

IITA’s Technology Task Force present on connectivity among travel organizations the benefits and pitfalls, types of technology and how open standards provide the most flexible and affordable technology solutions.

Who should watch?

  • Inbound operators
  • Travel suppliers – hotels, attractions, restaurants, transportation companies, and other services
  • DMOs – state/local/regional/national destination marketers
  • Contracting managers
  • Technology and api/distribution specialists
  • Product developers
  • Sales & marketing teams
IITA’s Connectivity Task Force

Town Hall

Navigating Forward in Uncertain Times

Mari Anne Snow, CEO of Sophaya, talked to IITA members about how to maximize productivity and make it comfortable for employees and managers.

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Marie Anne Snow

Mari Anne Snow, CEO of Sophaya

Airlift and Tourism Development: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Understanding the importance of airlines and their contributions to the popularity of tourism destinations, this webinar looks at what is going on in the international aviation market, and, how to try and ensure the restoration of air services. IITA member Alfredo Gonzalez sets the stage with the status of air travel and the issues the airlines must overcome in today’s environment to resume critical airlift. Aviation and tourism consultant Gavin Eccles provides valuable insights and actions for how destinations and airports need to be aligned in how we present to the new realities of airlines post Covid-19.

Gavin Eccles, GE Consulting

Alfredo Gonzalez

Alfredo Gonzalez, AG Hospitality Group

Thought Leader Panel: What Will the ‘New Normal’ Look Like for Inbound Travel to the US?

At this time when international travel is at a dead stop, everyone’s asking, “What’s our new normal going to look like post-Covid-19?” and “When can we expect the inbound travel rebound?” and “What will we need to do differently to ensure health and safety standards are met?” While none of us knows the answers, we can begin to collectively shape the future as we navigate this uncharted territory together. Our panel of leading destination marketers and inbound tour operators share their perspectives on what’s in store for the industry and how we will bring international visitors back to the U.S.


Elliott Ferguson

Elliott Ferguson, President & CEO, Destination DC


Fred Dixon

Fred Dixon, President & CEO, NYC & Company 

Gloria Lan

Gloria Lan, Owner/President, Tour America, LLC

Peter van Berkel

Peter van Berkel, President, Travalco USA Inc.

Vicki Varela

Vicki Varela, Managing Director, Utah Office of Tourism

Preparing Your Company To Do Business Post Covid-19

Jeff Ment, a travel attorney with more than 28 years of industry experience, talks about doing business in the post COVID-19 travel world. He shares suggested changes to better protect your company with terms and conditions, including force majeure clauses, payment and cancellation terms, and limitations on liability. He also discusses the ramifications of credit card chargebacks. Jeff is joined by Alastair MacMillan-Bell, senior vice president at The Berkely Group, to answer  questions and concerns about how to best protect your business going forward.

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Jeffrey Ment
Jeffrey Ment
 Alastair MacMillan-Bell
 Alastair MacMillan-Bell

Dr. Bryan Williams on Leadership during a Pandemic 

Dr. Bryan Williams is a keynote speaker and author, who focuses on leadership and service excellence. He has facilitated workshops and delivered keynotes worldwide for various companies in diverse industries.

In this webinar, Bryan discusses key concerns and shares best practices relating to our current work environment.

Key points include:

  • How to stay present and mindful in this constantly changing time.
  • What kind of things can we be working on now to set ourselves up for success upon return?
  • How to keep your team members motivated and aligned as they work virtually.
  • How best to respond when people reach out to you in fear and anxiety.
Peter Greenberg
Dr. Bryan Williams

Peter Greenberg Answers Your Questions About Covid-19 and Its Impact on Inbound Travel

Emmy-winning investigative reporter and producer, Peter Greenberg shares insight into the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the global travel industry and specifically where inbound travel to the United States will be when the health crisis is behind us. America’s most recognized, honored and respected front-line travel news journalist — known in the travel industry as “The Travel Detective” — Peter is the consummate INBOUND INSIDER.

Peter Greenberg
Peter Greenberg

IITA Inbound Insider Webinar: Understanding Covid-19 Legislation

Join the replay of this IITA webinar to hear legal experts discuss aspects of recent COVID-19 legislation related to the needs of small travel businesses. Adventure Travel Law attorney Chun T. Wright discusses financial relief available under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, cancellation/refund strategies in the wake of COVID-19, and mitigating future business risk. Labor and Employment Law attorney Laura M. Merritt provides an overview of best practices and key employment laws currently impacting the workforce, including the emergency sick leave and enhanced family and medical leave requirements of the newly enacted Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

Chennie Wright
Chunnie Wright
Laura Merritt
Laura Merritt