IITA Opportunities at IPW 2021

Attend IPW and Get Your IITA Membership – All for One LOW Price!

Bringing the

World to America

In partnership with IPW, IITA offers several new member opportunities at IPW 2021 – the first international inbound show where we can all be together once again. These opportunities include the things IITA does best – Education, Business Opportunities and Networking.

IITA will offer a full education program during IPW, starting with the First-Timer Orientation Sunday morning through Wednesday morning, including building international business, connectivity trends and post-pandemic norms and best practices.

IITA has also secured a number of Express Booths for inbound operator members who have never attended to try IPW at a lower price-point and those who may have budget limitations this year.

Finally, San Diego Tourism Authority – host of our 2022 Summit – will host a kick off get-together during IPW. Let’s meet at IPW in Las Vegas and have some fun!