Dear Representatives:

We represent inbound tour operators based across the U.S. who promote international travel to the United States. Inbound tour operators facilitate inbound travel services for both independent and group travelers with their business partners – international tour operators, corporate travel buyers and travel agents. They provide everything from hotel bookings to full-service itineraries that include accommodations, transportation, dining, and attractions.

The inbound travel sector produces a positive trade balance, in fact the largest portion of the positive trade equation. Every dollar generated by international visitation goes 100% to exports to the benefit of the United States in terms of jobs, economic impact, and balance of trade. Inbound tour operators drive international business to other travel and hospitality sectors, like hotels, transportation companies, attractions and restaurants.

We support the Securing Access for Venue Equity (SAVE) Act (H.R. 2120), and thank you for sponsoring the bill that would make inbound tour operators eligible. Like live venues, theaters, museums and others currently eligible for SVOGs, inbound tour operators (the vast majority of which are small businesses) have been completely shut down since the federally-mandated border closures in March 2020. We should note, inbound operators promote and sell live venues, theaters, museums and other attractions to their international partners.

Together with 40 inbound tour operators, we asked the House Committee on Small Business to see that HR 2120 is reported out of the committee for a floor vote as part of any additional stimulus actions.

We would be happy to bring together inbound operators from across the country to meet virtually with your staffs for further discussions.

You may reach either of us at or 859-955- 9098. You will also find contact information for our inbound operator member co-signers below. Thank you.

Best regards,

Peter van Berkel

Lisa Simon