The International Inbound Travel Association launched a new service for international tour operators and travel buyers to find the right U.S. partners, particularly when they need something specific and customized. Some international travel buyers over time have contacted IITA with specific needs for groups and itineraries, and we have sent the information to all our inbound operator members.

This service has become more formalized and even more important since the pandemic when some of the personal relationships were severed due to downsizing on both sides of the travel trade connections. Additionally, some international buyers are looking for new opportunities and trusted U.S. partners to navigate the post-pandemic travel environment.

IITA members are experts on the extensive variety of U.S. travel product and have a vast network of travel suppliers and destination representatives who can put together just about anything the international traveler wants, from accommodations and other travel components to customized tour programs. They bring insider knowledge and established partnerships with not only the country’s most well-known cities and iconic attractions, but also the lesser-known destinations and travel experiences that international visitors may not get to on their own.

One benefit, perhaps, from the pandemic is that more travelers – particularly those going on long-haul trips – are more reliant on travel professionals to handle their planning and bookings. They understand that travel professionals have the knowledge and expertise to avoid some of the hiccups and quality issues that may be lingering in Covid’s aftermath.

We all know there are ongoing issues in every destination – whether it’s workforce shortages or abnormally high prices – that continue to affect the travel experience. As these ongoing issues are being addressed, travelers are booking with the travel trade to be sure someone is there for them should challenges arise during their trips.

Similarly, international travel buyers can rely on U.S. inbound operators to be their eyes and ears on the ground to ensure they receive the best services and experiences. Inbound operators are experts in the USA and are staying on top of how travel products are changing or where there might be a quality issue.

IITA is delivering an education and training program, called Inbound Insider Steps to Success, ™ to destinations and suppliers throughout the country to help them understand how to service international travelers and the needs of the travel trade. As the only trade association focused solely on inbound travel, IITA’s mission is to help the U.S. deliver the best and widest range of quality travel products.

International travel buyers can contact IITA at, and we’ll connect you with the leading inbound companies packaging and selling U.S. travel product. IITA Inbound Operators are here to help you.

Safe Travels,

Lisa Simon

Executive Director

International Inbound Travel Association